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8 Home Sales Secrets Only Real Estate Agents Know #5


SECRET #5         There Are “Black Holes” In Real Estate Listings

People are unable to see black holes because no light gets out and they are invisible.  If you have a listing that falls into the real estate black hole, few buyers will be able to see it.   Most sellers are unaware that all areas will have list black holes which are times when a listing will be lost to vacations, weekends of sun and non-business related topics.

The best months to list your home in our area is May and June. We want your listing to go “live” on Thursday or Friday because people want to go out and look on the weekends. We also want to avoid holiday weekends because people are celebrating more that house shopping.

This is why you need to consider when you are listing your home.  If you list your home right before people go on vacation such as before the Fourth of July or Memorial Day, your listing will generally be lost to the black hole.


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