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8 Home Sales Secrets Only Real Estate Agents Know #4


SECRET #4            You Can Negotiate The Agents Commission, But Should You?

Don’t Step Over A Dollar To Pick Up A Dime

Is you agent willing to cut their commission to get your listing? Is that really the best person to negotiate on your behalf? They can’t even protect their own money, what will they do with yours?

It is still a bit of a secret that there are sellers who have been able to negotiate the commission the agent takes.  While this is possible, it could be a mistake that you should avoid.

It is often the bad agents who are willing to negotiate their commissions because they are trying to win your business.

Additionally, you have to consider that you are going to be getting what you pay for.  A reputable and good agent, who is able to execute deals quickly and at a good price will be worth the commission that you pay.  Those who negotiate their commissions, might not be offering the service that you want.

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