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8 Home Sales Secrets Only Real Estate Agents Know

Top SecretThere are a lot of secrets that come with selling a home that you might not be aware of.  There are some secrets that estate agents are willing to share and others that they are not.
If you are going to be selling your home, it is recommended that you know what some of these secrets are so you can successfully sell your home.

I will be posting 1 secret per post.

SECRET #1        Staging Changes With The Seasons


Staging a home for sale was once a secret, but the cat has been out of this particular bag for a while now.  However, the practice of staging is still evolving and it can be more complicated than you imagine.  You might not realize that when you stage your home in the summer months, you should be using smaller furniture than you would in the winter.

The reason for this is that smaller furniture will make your room feel longer and overall bigger which is something that will stay in the mind of potential buyers.
Another staging secret that you might not be aware of is that you should play some soft background music.  When this is done during viewings, you will make the home seem cozier.

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